About Hyssop

Whether your goal is community outreach or some type of revival or rally, spiritual opposition is present. Sufficient prayer and planning are needed to further the Kingdom of God. But there is no reason to settle for “good enough” just because the coordination process takes more time and energy than you or your workers have to give. Often, ministry and even coordinating can be frustrating and complicated. We believe that it should not have to be.

Hyssop Ministries was founded with the goal of being a “one stop shop” for your revival, youth rally, or other outreach event. We employ a diverse team of gifted individuals who excel at puzzle solving and flexible solutions to complicated situations. Rather than simply offer the talents of a single worship leader or a speaker, we have access to a broad base of ministers who have a heart for God, people, and real ministry. If you need to plan a revival but you are already overwhelmed and overloaded, we would be happy to take the load off or your shoulders and supply not only a speaker, but also a worship leader or band, and any artful illustrations that are necessary. If you are trying to plan a D-Now weekend or summer camp and need leaders, counselors, musicians, speakers, or any team or combination of help, we are here to serve. As a non-profit organization, we do not operate as a business with a set fee, but rather as a community of active ministers who are willing to work for the sake of the Kingdom. Love offerings, travel expenses, or any other payments are generally agreed upon in a case-by-case basis, but our primary goal is spiritual growth, rather than financial gain.