Hyssop Ministries


Just a Weed

Hyssop is a simple weed. But in the Old Testament, it was used in the Hands of God as a tool to help save His people.

In the time of the Exodus and the original Passover, God sent a series of plagues to the Egyptians in order to convince Pharoah to let the Hebrews go free. Pharoah kept refusing, so God sent the final plague: the death of the first born son of every household. However, God spoke to Moses and gave him a message for the Hebrew people: by dipping a bunch of hyssop in lamb's blood and sprinkling it on their door frame, the angel of death would "pass over" that house. Though hyssop was a mere weed, it was used by God and His people to save countless lives and indeed to rescue a nation.

It is from this lowly weed that we take our name. We are but weeds in the hands of the Gardener...and tools in the hands of the church.

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